Making art with denim

Last month, the founder of Father's Daughter, Su Kim, hathe opportunity to collaborate with Mosaic pastor, Jon Rouleau for a denim gallery sponsored by Tonello, a leading company for garment washing machines. Together they represented Los Angeles and created their piece " Resurrection Los Angeleswhich was viewed by many in Amsterdam and New York.  


Their vision came to life when they were asked the simple question, "What is reality for you?", to which Su answered, "LA denim has been ubiquitous for premium denim. As other categories of garment production went overseas for lower costs and higher markups, denim has been a sector of the apparel industry that’s kept its white flag stamped in Downtown and surrounding industrial areas. In recent years, as pressure to maintain profit in the downturn of the retail economy, the denim industry has been following the rest of the garment industry to produce outside the U.S. We show the removal of production from design as ghost pockets and stitching made with Tonello’s laser technology". 

Ultimately the goal was to spread awareness about sustainable fashion while exploring the art of denim. The gallery emphasized the art of painting and performance on denim while keeping the work of the artist sustainable for the environment. Using machines such as Laser, NoStoneWaterBrushECOfree - ozone in water , Core , Leonardo - garment printing machine, dyeing process, washing etc.  The art itself represents hope for LA's dying denim dream. As many denim brands have gone overseas to lower the cost of garment making, resulting in higher markups and poorly made garment, the true meaning of premium denim has been lost. Su's vision to resurrect LA's denim extinction was to " to focus on the resources around us. The unemployed working class, all the cool small brands with something different to say, a whole older generation of seamstresses and pattern makers".  

 - Father's Daughter